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Job Descriptions

Civil Affairs Section Services
Service Unit Extension No. Services in charge
Village administrative service 204 Autonomous administration, boroughs and neighborhood adjustment, neighborhood resident assembly, civil administration seminar, neighborhood gathering, village chief office expense and neighborhood head service expense, employment modification of neighborhood head, village chief service report, village officer work report, village chief visiting national constructions, reporting of outstanding village chief and civil administrative personnel, village chief social gathering, application of city government subsidy for village administrative construction and foundation construction, civil servant election
Village administrative service 209 Village chef and neighborhood head newspaper service, village chief, and neighborhood head health care and welfare service
Collaborative service 206 Civil administration collaborative service
Disaster prevention and rescue service
Civilian vigilance service
Patrol team service
Disaster prevention sand rescue service (including public fire extinguisher management)
Civilian vigilance service
Patrol team service
Education service 207 Mailing of notification on school attendance for new students, compulsory school attendance committee service, educational assistant grant for children of low income and low-to-medium income families
Aboriginal and new resident service 209 Aboriginal, new resident service
Religion and custom 203 Religious temples management service, ancestral memorial property management service
The 3/8Th Tenants Lease Act and land administrative service 203 Modification, termination, registration application and examination, information query service for the 3/8Th Tenants Lease Act services and other land administrative collaborative services.
Environmental protection service
Health service
Environmental collaborative service, dengue fever and rodent education and prevention, city environment search and report.
Health service
Citizen card service 204 Citizen card service
Military conscription service 201, 202 Reserve, recruit, duty service, management, and alternative military service
Mediation service 205 Mediation application, mediation sustained case report, mediation failure proof, legal assistance
2. Economic Development Section Services
Service Unit Extension No. Services in charge
Agriculture 403, 406 Issuing certificate of agricultural land for agricultural uses, agriculture and livestock condition investigation for slopeland protection, application for fallowing and transferring agricultural uses, agricultural machinery use certificate issuance and wild animal protection.
Industrial and commercial service 406 Product labeling random investigation, promotion on the Fair Trade Act, assisting industry, commerce and service census as well as taxation guidance.
Normal small and sporadic construction 401, 402 Neighborhood residents assembly proposals and roads requiring immediate handling, designs and construction of sewage green and beautification etc.
Apartment building management 402 Review and issuance of apartment building management committee report certificate.
Building violation investigation and report 402 Building violation investigation and report.
Traffic and water conservancy 402 Traffic and water conservancy investigation service.
3. Social Affairs Section Services
Service Unit Extension No. Services in charge
Handicapped person welfare 303, 304, 305 Identification of handicapped persons, subsidy to living assistive devices, love card application. Living subsidy for handicapped persons from medium to low income families.
Social assistance 301, 302 Low income family living subsidy service, medium to low income family service.
Women and children welfare 304, 305 Assistance to family with special occurrences, children, and youth living subsidy service.
Senior citizen welfare 301, 304 Placement subsidy, medium to low senior citizen service, Chongyang elderly and centenarian monetary gift issuance
National health insurance service 303 Class 6 area population, veteran health care service handling, consultation, and application for re-issuing of health care card.
Community development service 305 1.Assist community development association to promote (associate meeting and director (supervisor) meetings, community evaluation, empowerment plan and management of community center building).
2. Review application and cancellation of district office subsidizing district development association in promoting community development work projects.
Emergency assistance 300 Emergency rescue, immediate care and emergency rescue.
National pension 301 Insurance fee deduction application and consultation.

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